Aucor differentiates itself in a highly competitive environment through proactive thinking and continuous growth. We have aggressively positioned ourselves across a wide variety of sectors, providing us with wider scope and market reach than any other auctioneer in South Africa. Through our extensive operation, we buffer ourselves against becoming hostage to market trends. Our complement of trained and accredited in-house sector specialists provide us with the knowledge to operate to the latest industry standards.

Aucor faces the challenges of the South African environment head-on through knowledge and understanding of our market and industry. The burgeoning demand by a new generation of buyers and sellers requires that we re-educate the market.

Many people attach negative connotations to auction houses, and are thus intimidated by the auction process. The challenge for us is to illustrate the proven benefits of auction to a sceptical market. The seller needs to understand that this is a transparent way of achieving maximum exposure, while the buyer needs to be made aware of the convenience and cost-savings achieved through buying at auction.

Competition within the auction industry is fierce, which forces us to stay abreast of the environment. We need to ensure that clients recognise our 38 years of experience, with real time examples of successful auctions, in-depth product and market knowledge and top level returns.

Many competitors simply turn to marketing to create hype and exposure to the market. Whilst it is necessary to build awareness, this can often be a short-term solution. Aucor has a strong focus in Customer Relationship Management, through which clients are assured that their bottom line is our top priority.

In order to maintain our healthy market share, Aucor makes use of the following strategies:

a) Aggressive headline marketing, which entails tactical advertising in all forms of media to ensure repeat national exposure. Aucor has pioneered Auction TV adverts with Ed Jordan to educate buyers & sellers, whilst advising of upcoming auctions. We believe in bringing information to the market in as many creative ways as possible.

b) Proactive PR and Corporate Social Investment, through which we align ourselves with blue chip organizations. We are the official sponsor of the Crusaders Rugby Club in KZN, as well as the sponsor to the quarterly FinWeek CEO breakfasts. Aucor is actively involved in Social Responsibility programs such as Soweto Greening, the Thuthuka Bursary Fund, and CHOC (The Child Cancer Foundation).

Aucor’s blue chip reputation has facilitated our dynamic growth and strength in the marketplace. Despite our established reputation, we continue to strive for excellent service and to secure new clients. Within Southern Africa, there exists a plethora of untapped opportunity, from first time buyers and investors to corporations who previously used alternative methods of sale and procurement. Armed with tacit product knowledge and market strength, we will continue to conquer the auction arena through ongoing market research, auction education and long-term customer relationships.

Aucor Marketing; Pioneering Industry Standards:

98 000 registered buyers and sellers on our national database, contactable via sms, email, fax and call centre telesales
1st to market auctions via sms, today our database system allows us to categorise sms’s by sector and area
16 fully operating vertical sectors, providing us with more reach and scope than any other South African auction house